Where do I start? I need a website!

What do I have to do? How do I get my website together?

I hear these questions a lot. To make it short: You need all your content. Meaning; maybe your logo, your images, maybe other media, your texts, and a general idea of what your users get and experience on your website long before you consider a framework, a theme, and individual design. Ideally, you worked on your positioning and already have a clear identity developed. If you already have a concept of your website, even better. That may include Customer Journeys, but certainly all your texts, your headlines, titles, product-descriptions, long copy, and also all your static images. Often clients think, once they see their template and they see the design, they will know what to write and what to put on. And while that can work to a degree, people usually notice while queezing into their template, that they should have penciled out everything in advance and start from the beginning from a more professional point.  

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