You feel a deep urge to find out who you really are beneath the surface of your image and personality? Together we will challenge your perceived reality and your felt experience to examine the underlying subject to whom all this is happening.

This is not the usual fun but I will be there with you and facilitate your process… I will not present you with trance-inducing mono-mumbling to raise your vibration, you will not be invited to join my cult ( yet 😉 ). You will have to be 100% response-able for yourself but I will provide a space for you to exercise your responsability. These sessions can be radically heart-opening and ground-breaking but your nervous system also has to be up for it.

The first goal of this journey inwards is for you to get a taste of being your true Self, to deeply experience the silence that contains all your noise, to awaken to the one who never slept and who knows all about you already without any judgement.

Find yourself and be that.

There is no quick fix.

Your relation to your world will change and you will need to learn to anchor in your true Self and practice Embodiment. This is a tough quest, some beliefs that we have are rooted deeply and are the cause of strong patterns in our lives, and you will want to embrace and discharge them to fully live and feel real.

This sounds all quite mysterious and in a way it is. But I want to tell you for certain there is no quick fix eventhough your first breakthroughs will feel like it.

To find out if this work can be helpful for you in any way we will have to get to know each other. You can just fill out the contact-form below. I usually reply within a day with options for you and we take it from there.