Art Direction Digital & Print, Strategy, Consulting, UI/UX, Web-Design, Web-Development, WordPress, CSS, Webshop environments…

Stefanie Sieben, 37, born and raised in Cologne.
When I’m not busy designing websites, products, and identities these days I’m probably watering plants in the studio.

Ps, Lr, Ai, Id, Xd, Dw, An
Pencil, Pen, Brush
German, English

With a background in classic graphic design, I had the pleasure of growing through the fields of advertising, music & events, fashion, and media. Making use of my sense for trends, I became a creative consultant. And as an early adopter, I have been growing my website-making skills since when we used tables and frames.
Then, for a while, I kept up with rather nothing, I stayed in India, to find out who I am and who actually wanted to know all that.


I spent time with gurus, the real and the fake kind, became a Yoga-Teacher, a Massage Therapist, and a WataFlow facilitator. I lived a digital nomad life for a few years, getting back into HTML and CSS on the way, did fasts, diets, retreats, was a vegan, was not a vegan, studied more yoga, how to master my mind, came back to Germany, and in 2019, started STUDIO7 in Cologne. A space for creative souls, ideas, and productivity, for emotions, art, and we shall see what more…


Growing roots in my hometown, apparently not early-adopting at this end;), I joined forces with my sister Andrea who is a pro of all things calculatable. Together we geek out regularly about the newest tech and set up online-business-environments. Creating your website linked all the way through to production/fulfillment, your books, your bank account, and all. Chi-Ching. During the lockdown, we co-founded the company Artist in the Box, a Fine Art Webshop where you support every participating artist with each purchase.

Besides Websites, Logos, and Identities, I design Vector Graphics, Icons and Illustrations, Brochures, Business Cards, Mood Boards, Pitch Decks, Business Reports, Books and E-Books, Magazines, Merchandise, Interfaces, and. so. on.