Hi I am Steffi. I support people who create themselves from the inside out, who try to understand themselves and be who they really are. I am not a certified coach!
In my day job, I am a Graphic Designer / Art Director / Product Designer (UI) / Front-End Developer and you can work with me at businessisabeach and 7×7.

Personally, I have been on a spiritual Path from an early age and was lucky to meet some inspiring Beings and Teachers on my way – especially while I lived in India from 2002 to 2015, and worked remotely.

I have been studying and practicing Meditation, Self-Knowledge and Yoga for around 25 years, teaching and facilitating for nearly 10 years. After some years of classic study with Masters, Gurus and Teachers, I journeyed into the new-age fields, became a WataFlow-Facilitator, participated and facilitated Plant Medicine Retreats for a few years and recently developed a journal-book called Oh! Gefühle.

I feel the need to offer some guidance and support in the spiritual fields without focusing on any particular lineage or tradition. I want to nourish the grounds for Self-Actualization in everybody I can help. I deeply believe that only people who are aligned with their inner Truth can be a vital part of society.

I don’t offer classic counseling or therapeutic services. I am not a certified coach.