Hi there! I am Steffi. I am a designer who codes. I live in my hometown Cologne in Germany.

In the past 25 years I worked in advertising, publishing, creative and marketing departments, while studying Yoga and Meditation with some great teachers, splitting my time mostly between India and Hamburg, Germany. 

In 2016 I relocated to Cologne, started studio7.cologne, founded a business or two with my sister and published Oh! Gefühle.

So here I am –anarchist at heart with administrative tendencies– supporting individuals and businesses in creating their soul on two levels: On one hand I work as an adviser and designer all things brand, design & website and on the other hand I help people finding out who they really are beyond what they do.

Good reasons to contact me:

  • You are looking for a creative freelancer for your project and Don’t have my number? Send me an email!

  • You need design services for your business? Tell me all about it!

  • You seek advise regarding your endevours? I am happy to share my experience and expertise!

  • You want to talk about or work out some spiritual stuff? Let’s find out if I can be of help 🙂